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Scenario 1 - Tutorial 3/4 Players - Prison Break (EN+FR)

Re: Scenario 1 - Tutorial 3/4 Players - Prison Break (EN+FR)

Postby CaptainQueequeg » Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:51 am

Having read through the scenario and this message board, I have one question about how to play this scenario. (Note that my copy of the hasn't arrived, yet, but I did read the first part of rules online.)

Does the Salemite player actually get a turn after EACH NORAD player? So if there are 3 players, the Salemite player will get 2 turns for each 1 turn of a NORAD player. That seems unbalanced, but I could be wrong, not having played.

By the way, thanks for all the discussion here. I was really confused about a number of points, but after reading your posts several times, it all started to make sense. (Which is especially impressive considering how bad my French is.)
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Re: Scenario 1 - Tutorial 3/4 Players - Prison Break (EN+FR)

Postby gavhriel » Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:16 am


first of all thanks for this wonderful game and the multiplayer scenarios.
We played yesterday for the first time and loved the "learning progression" part. Playing is more easy without having to read all the rulebook since the beginning.

I came up with some question:

1) Activation and Reactivation of Cherokee Bill: scenario rules says that each norad player can activate Bill instead of his/her char. Do we have to consider the same rule about activation that you have in 2P rules, that before reactivating a character ALL have to be reactivated. Because we came up with this situation: new turn all character not engaged. Salemite move zombie and try to cut one escape route. Norad 1 activate bill and choose another path. Salemite activate jack and try to cut another way to the exit. Norad 2 activate bill again and change path againg. With 2 movement orders Bill almost reached the exit.

2) sliding doors: rules says that these doors close at the end of Activation ROUND. This means that they close at the end of every player round or this is a typo and they close at the end of activation phase?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me an answer
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