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Finally all miniatures done

Finally all miniatures done

Postby Torian » Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:19 pm

Hi guys,

I own the game since x-mas now and had most of the minis done end of January, but I didnt feel like it and hadnt the time to do the Mammoth MK II, so I waited with pictures.

Now I finished it and here they are:

(be warned that I'm not a skilled painter. I begun with some Starcraft minis after the fair in ESSEN zu prepare for the Earth Reborn release and had never painted anything before - also you will see that I'm not good at taking pictures too ;))


NORAD Forces:

Salemite Forces:







What amazed me was the process of learning. I started with the Zombies (which look like crap) and worked my way up to Franck, Jack Saw and the Mammoth. You can see it in the pictures and even better in person that I improved at least a little bit during the ~2 weeks of evening work ;)

Here some detailed pictures of the better ones:
(too big for the forum, so only as links)

Jack Saw
Franck Einstein
Mammoth MK II

*edit* damn.... lost most of my images on webspace. Sorry :(
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