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Inspired to paint by a fantastic game!

Inspired to paint by a fantastic game!

Postby Bulldoguk » Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:56 am

Really really enjoyed this game so far so was inspired to put a few commissions to one side and get the minis painted pronto.

Top marks on background and stories, these chracters really come to life!

I would highly recommend this to anyone out there, Great background story,endless strategy, action and fun but relatively simple to pick up and understand, it also uses a scenario auto generating system (SAGS) to create a different mission based game each time you play!

In terms of the actual game mechanics think xcom computer game meets board game!

These are done in what I would call my cheap n cheerful speedpainted style (over a couple of mornings)

Just straight forward airbrush and line techniques for a bold eyecatching finish, no point spending too much time on them as they will recieve a lot of heavy traffic and inevitably end up thrown in a zip bag and stuffed into a once tidy box at the end of our gaming sessions in the early hours when we are bleary eyed and feeling bilious from too much tea and Haribo!


A rundown of the in box characters, these are the Salemite forces from left to right - Zombie 1 and zombie 2!, Jack Saw, Jeff Deeler, Franck Einstein, Jessica Hollister, Professor John Kendal Jr and Cherokee Bill

The NORAD forces from left to right - Lieutenant Monica Vasquez, Agent James Woo, Mammoth MK II Combat Walker and Colonal Nick Bolter
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Re: Inspired to paint by a fantastic game!

Postby pap » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:35 am

i love it
"Tiens, c'est pas un gobelin derrière l'arbre là ? - Non, c'est un zombie. Tuons-le avant qu'il twiste ! - Qu'il quoi ? Laisse tomber "
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Re: Inspired to paint by a fantastic game!

Postby Ealabhan » Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:50 pm

Nice job! I must say they look a lot better than the "hand painted set" sold on the website...
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