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Victory Stats per Faction during first playtests

Victory Stats per Faction during first playtests

Postby Chris » Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:26 am


If some of you are wondering if the factions are unbalanced in terms of victory stats, here are the stats I have compiled during the 60 first playtests games.
This includes all the 2 player scenarios from the Scenario Book plus the SAGS. It doens't include 3-4 player scenarios from the tutorial downloadable on this website.

Once I saw that all that was quite balanced I didn't took the time to enter the stats from the following games. I have to admit we had so much fun that we forgot doing that...

The 3-4 PLayer SAGS stats in there are not really relevant since some players are playing mercenaries which is a mix of both factions.


Si certains d'entre vous se demandent si les Factiosn sont déséquilibrées en terme de stats de victoire, voici les stats que j'ai compilé lors des 60 premières parties de playtest.
Elles incluent tous les scénarios du tutoriel 2 joueurs du livret de scénarios ainsi que les parties SAGS.
Cela n'inclue pas les scénarios du tutoriel 3-4 joueurs downloadable sur ce site.

Une fois que j'ai vu que les stats présentaient un assez bon équilibre, je dois admettre que je n'ai plus pris le temps d'entrer la suite des parties. On était trop dans le fun et la tourmente du jeu.

Les stats du SAGS 3-4 Joueurs ne signifient pas grand chose puisque certains joueurs contrôlent des Mercenaires composés de personnages issus des deux factions.

ER - First playtests Victory Stats by faction.xls
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Re: Victory Stats per Faction during first playtests

Postby jholen » Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:26 am

Thanks Chris!

I've only played twice now, and both times were solitaire scenario #1 just trying to nail down the rules so I can better explain/teach my wife. Obviously solitaire is a bit different, but my approach for scenario #1 was to shuffle the decoys/vasquez and randomly place them so I didn't know where she was, which meant both as NORAD and Salemite. The two games ended very differently. The first I got lucky as NORAD and rather unlucky as Salemite - Franck found Vasquez on the very first room, and she subsequently was able to make a run for it. Jack Saw tried to catch her, but only got in some glancing hits, and she escaped to victory.

The second game before Franck could make his way out of the bedroom after destroying the door he was blocked by Jeff Dealer who had managed to get himself off the toilet, unlike in the first game. Jeff took some heavy blows from Franck, and finally retreated outside in hopes to rally his Zombie friends to block the path to escape. Franck eager to get the Magnetic card finished Jeff off, however got blocked by all three Zombies. Franck broke down the wall he was cornered up against but on his way to rescue Vasquez was saw'd down by Jack.
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