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Comments for "Ideas for future equipment cards" thread

A place to give your suggestions, ideas, etc.

Comments for "Ideas for future equipment cards" thread

Postby El Cuajinais » Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:34 pm

I am blown away by all the innovations that ER brings to the gaming table and how well everything meshes together into a very complete package. There are too many great things about ER to list, but if I was forced to pick the single thing that blew my mind, I'd have to go the large quantity of equipment pieces available and how well they are implemented into the game. (Well that and the modular map, and the interactive floor elements, oh well, I just can't pick one thing). Since the game provides such a rich background and a sound "stats framework" to work with, I feel compelled to suggest new equipment cards to the designers.

Please use this thread to comment on its sister thread. That way we can keep the original thread clean with new equipment suggestions only.
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