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Future variant

A place to give your suggestions, ideas, etc.

Future variant

Postby Jaykay2010 » Fri May 27, 2011 11:09 am

Hi all at Ludically,

Howabout a future 'Call Of Duty' style Modern Warfare type cross-over?!!

Would that be a viable consideration for a future release?

So not a sci-fi theme, but a modern combat present day equivalent using the same ER mechanics ... i think this would be SO cool ! SWAT teams in different environments/scenario, anti-terrorism/marine troops etc similar to what is seen in the Call of Duty video game, but not licensed obviously ... I think the rules system you have created for ER would work SO well with tactical squad teams and missions/objectives such as those found in the Call of Duty franchise.

Flashbombs/hardwear/Assault gear ... there's lots more you could include ... I think there's a niche in the market for this, and interest in the whole modern warfare tactics that has yet to be tapped into with boardgames (as far as i know)! Most miniatures games are either sci fi, fantasy, WW1, or WW2 ...

I think a modern day 'US forces' type assault team game would be really well served by the ER mechanic.

What do other people think??
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