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Help me love this game!

If it doesn't belong anywhere else...

Help me love this game!

Postby SolennelBern » Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:56 pm

Hi all. I've bought ER a few months ago after reading about it and being excited A LOT about it's setting/background, characters, components and almost unlimited customization.

After getting it (at a more than reasonable price I must say, for the price, I expected subpar quality components but instead we have premium stuff in this box! Thanks for that!) and reading the rules I realised I was in for a ride. It's the first game that get me confused and FWIW, I own and play games like Arkham Horror and Twilight Imperium, games with lots of rules to remember and it's easy to get lost in those walls of text.

So on topic. I played the first three 2-player scenarios so far plus 1 game with 3-player. Not much but could be worst. The first 2 scenarios we played them times each, because we had a blast. then came lots of new games on my shelves so ER gathered some dust. I introduced ER to a good friend of mine but it didn't turned out as I expected. It's not that we didn't liked it, it's just that he's the kind of guy that think and think and think...and mostly silently...before making a move. IMO, not the kind of player meant for ER.

So, I plan on playing ER more regularly, like once a week, with my bro, a player meant for boardgames and i'll leave Agricola and it's little sheeps to my friend pwahahah!

How do you play this game and with what kind of players? How often? Any special things you recommend to add to the atmosphere?
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