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Merry Christmas - Scenario 5 and 6 available !

Merry Christmas - Scenario 5 and 6 available !

Postby Chris » Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:14 pm


And merry Christmas to Y'all :) !!!!

I kept my promises and the Scenario 5 - Pillage and scenario 6 -Driller Recovery are now available for download on the Earth Reborn official Website. It's here :

In english and french and in High and Low resolution. Pick up whatever you need ;) It's all free and ready to play.

Also you'll find a set of 5 new floor tiles called external Drillers that can be used in either of your own scenarios but most of all are needed for the scenario 6 ;)

Have fun playing during these holiday season. It's cold and snowy outside, so stay warm inside and get rid of some zombies, Earth Reborn style ;)

Enjoy !

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