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Scenario 4 - Tutorial 2 Players

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Scenario 4 - Tutorial 2 Players

Postby Chris » Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:33 am

A player on BGG reported a small bug in the map of the scenario 4 from the scenario book.
Although this bug is not so bad and very easy to correct, it might take you some time to figure it out, if you don't know about it :(

Here is a copy of his very interresting mail :
I think there is an issue with Scenario #4 -- the 3-length
floor-grate tile in the Northwest of the board is the flipside of the
3-length tile in the Northeast (just to the west of the "T-shaped" tile .
It's not a big issue, since the outside one is easily to replicate,
however, if you place that tile first while building, it can take a long
time to figure out what went wrong!

Thanks to Anthony ;)

So to correct this, as he mentionned, simply replace the 3x1 outside tile with a green radio-active flask next to the T-Shape, by any smaller outside tiles with only grass and no walls that you have still available.

Sorry for this inconvenience, since that bug, JC has double checked all other maps from the scenario book and this is the only mistake of this type.

This should never happen in future scenarios if you are using the online map editor since it manages the double sided tiles and you cannot use twice the same tile with this editor. Since I'm using it for all official scenarios now, we shouldn't experience this type of bugs anymore ;)
Thanks to Krazlafas ;)
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