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First Impressions

Talk about your experiences with the S.A.G.S.

First Impressions

Postby Caine » Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:55 pm

Allright, I played one game with full SAGS so far, and it works pretty well.

Creating the map works good and is fun. There are minor strategic decisions one has to make and if you place your tiles well, you get for example the opportunity to place a non-card-door on the entrance of a Salamite-High-Security facility. :D

What I experienced so far is, you have to cope with your missions. In my sessions, my missions seemed partly easy, partly impossible to resolve. I had to capture the professor, secure the Zombie Serum (the parts i didnt know how to do), kill as many Salamites as possible and shut down the generator.

The Salamite had to generate Spy Points and to find the Laptop and the US Constitution. Furthermore he had to apply the Deadly Virus.

I guess, the missions in which you have to find items can be pretty tough. At least he didnt find any of them.
On the other hand, I was pretty lucky, because the Professor found the Zombie Serum and kept it. So I catched him and everything was done.

But what I can feel is the multitude of possibilities. I look forward to different item-combos, like using Gasmasks and Poison and the like.

So far...
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Re: First Impressions

Postby Chris » Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:39 pm

Thanks for your first impressions Caine.
It's nice to read those ;)

One very important thing in SAGS to my POV : Use your spy points to draw mission cards from your opponent, and play it in such a way that your opponent doesn't know which cards you drew.
I'm saying that because this last part is not really written in the rules (the fact that the opponent shouldn't know what Missions of his you are aware of).
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Re: First Impressions

Postby Caine » Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:14 pm

Thank you for the remark. :)
In my game today it was quite important to know as much of the opponents goals as possible. So NORAD managed to hide the precious Laptop from the Salamites in the itemstack. :lol:

Another important thing is to watch BOTH sides of the equipment cards when getting the start-equipment. I had once a game in which NORAD was hunting an item which was the backside of the medpack they never used... :shock:

But the great thing is, it is everytime another phantastic story (todays got titled "The seven lifes of Mr. Deeler" - probably I will write the story down, later). I enjoy this game very much. You did an excellent job! :D Thank you very much!
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