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Postby One-Armed Sorcerer » Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:30 am

A friend and I have been playing scenario 3 tonight and we had the feeling that some option was missing. All the trees in the outdoors area do block line sight, when kept between a shoter and his target, but they do not provide a shooter with any kind of cover, nor do other obstacles.

Our initial idea was, that it hiding behind a tree, in a bush etc. should provide a character with a some sort of cover bonus while still alllowing him to fire at a target. Making up rules for this should not be difficult. For example one could say, that standing on an obstacle which hinders LoS also provides a character with one bonus point of armor, when being target of a shooter.

Anyone else out there, who got that idea or a similar one?
One-Armed Sorcerer
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