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More realistic approach to fire arms

More realistic approach to fire arms

Postby Insmone » Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:52 pm

I am really enjoying playing ER but I have some issues with shooting at close range. I have played the game a few times including SAGS and in all games in which firearms are use I am getting this strange situation come up in my games.

You get one of your characters next to the unsuspecting victim and shoot him with a Machine Gun at point blank. You would expect to hurt him big time BUT NO!!! (Even without Keblar). Sometimes you don't even make one wound on him. For me this is totally unrealistic even for a fantasy apocalyptical world.

So I have been thinking of a way to make shooting more realistic without compromising the rules.

When you test for Targeting and make a roll to see if you are able to hit the target, for every success beyond the range value add +1hit ( not +1 dice and not a critical) when you throw for damage. And if you get a Critical in Targeting test (Perfect Shot) all extra successes turn into damage hits.

Example: You are trying to hit a target that is 2 spaces away. You throw 4 dice and you get 4 successes. So you hit the target and get +2 hits to add to damage. When you throw damage you get to throw 3 dice and you get 3 success ( no critical). So in total you would make 2+3= 5 Hits.

This way you can do more damage the closer you are to your target.
I think this would make firearms more realistic. But i have to test this variant a little more.

This would simulate that the more successes you get better you are at aiming and better luck at hitting a critical areas of your victim so you can do more damage. Also the more dice you use at close rage the more risk running out of ammunition or that the gun jams compensates for the extra hits.

If some of you get to try this variant in their games please let me now how it worked for you.

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Re: More realistic approach to fire arms

Postby Dodo » Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:39 am

I think it's too powerfull for Norad (they are more focused on fire).
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Re: More realistic approach to fire arms

Postby Insmone » Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:38 pm

I just finished playing a game tonight. Even though we didn't finish the game I have some interesting observations. We played with the SAGS. (it took us almost 40 minutes to build the board :-o )

Well apart from that. We decided to play without any house rules. Taking our time to analyzing more closely the range combat.

First I have to admit that YES, definitely fire arms can do more damage at close range than at long range.
If you chose a 4 CP shoot order and try to shoot a target at long range you will probably use some CPs for targeting leaving less for damage. If I shoot point blank I will put all the CPs on Damage.

Also you are right , the variant is to powerful. And if I'm think of using a House rule I want it to be very simple and so that it doesn`t complicates the rules or makes the game more difficult to play. And then if to use my house rule I then have to limit the targeting dice then it begins to get too complicated and it is not worth it.

I am starting too understand that ER is design so that it is not easy to kill a character with a single order. You have to rally think how to do it. But at the beginning you tend to expect it can be possible.

Tonight I was playing the Salemites and my friend had a Mammoth on a Driller ready to attack. I had Jessica In front of the Mammoth Behind a wall ready to shoot her Bazooka. The Norad Player asked for a Dule to take away the Initiative from me. I took the risk and didn't put any CP on the Duel.

I was lucky because the Norad player spend all of his 4 CP destroying some walls. He took a shoot almost at point blank and Jessica just took 2 wounds. Thank god
So in my turn I was very lucky to have a 1 move+4 shoot+1 shoot order. I activated Jessica , put her in position The Mammoth couldn't react because he had no CP left. So I shot the Bazooka at range 2 with all 3 CPs for damage. I threw 8 dice. (Because i was at Close Range) YEAAAAAA. The Mammoth got wounded and had 2 wounds left. So I spend one more CP in my second Shoot Order and with this I only got to throw 5 dice but enough to capture the big boy and winning 20 MP for my mission ( well I know I had to keep the thing until the end of the game but i did it) it was fantastic. But of course I was very lucky with the order tile and a good dice result. Again a Game of ER that tells a story I wont forget.

So my Conclusion: Does the shooting rules reflect something plausible or something you could expect from shooting a fire arm? I still don't know but what I do know is that this is a Fantastic Game and it works beautifully as it is. And most important it makes me want to play it again and again , I just hope that next time we can build the map in less time so we can have more time to enjoy the action and finish the game.

Thanks for your comments

Two thumbs up for Chris
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