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S.A.G.S. balanced

S.A.G.S. balanced

Postby Franky007 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:16 pm

Here are my ideas for a more balanced and interesting game:

Step 4 - Deployment
- The NORAD player goes second, select one marker, and places it on any driller or
outdoor square connected to the frame via a path of continuous outdoor squares.
(The Mammoth MKII need a path that is 2 squares wide).

Step 5 - Receiving Missions
- Remove from the game any mission card that require equipment selected in step 3 by that player.

- A maximum of two missions of the type Hold/Keep/Retrieve can be completed by each player. If a player draw more than two cards of these mission type, show the card in excess to the opponent, discard it, and draw another one to replace it.
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