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Suggestions for teamplay SAGS?

Suggestions for teamplay SAGS?

Postby tcho-tcho » Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:36 pm

I suppose that a teamplay (2v2) variant of the SAGS should just use the 2-player rules and adapt them. The most important point is 'in which areas a team's resources should be split or shared':

– Should team members have a personal CP/order tiles allowance or use them from a common pool?
– Should each team member control only assigned characters or use any available characters from their faction on their turn?
– I think that the basic structure of the round (only one activation per team at a time) should not be changed. But should the turn order go clockwise or switch from one team to the other, so that the team members must agree on who gets to act each turn (the latter could make sense if the CPs are not shared or if characters are assigned individually)?

Has anyone tried this? I'm aware that only playtesting will determine where the balance lies, but any insight will be greatly appreciated ;)

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Re: Suggestions for teamplay SAGS?

Postby agony » Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:08 am

I find this very important to my group as we don't particularly want to do the free for all mode and would rather do 2 vs. 2 or even 2 vs. 1 SAGS. I started a thread about this on BGG here:

My opinions:
-Everyone should have their own CP allowance - no sharing
-You control only your assigned characters
-Initiative should always go to Salemite (If you are on Salemite ground) and the Salemite players should determine which one of them gets it each round. Activation proceeds clockwise with team-mates sitting opposite each other.
-In a 3 player game the Salemite goes first and activates after each Norad player

The core concepts are simple. Just use the rules for the 3-4 player scenarios found on this forum (I sort of summarised them above). Instead of each side getting 15 points in a 2-player SAGS give each Player 10 points (20 points per side).

For terrain, take turns placing tiles alternating clockwise (1st Salemite places, 1st Norad player, then 2nd Salemite player, then 2nd Norad, then repeat). Door pool, drill pool, and starting MPs are shared by the teams. Players figure out who gets which characters and who gets what equipment (decide this together as a team).

Very simple and easy to do. The only problem is 2 vs. 1 which is what my group did last night. For 2 vs. 1 how do you balance the CP? You can't just split the standard 15 CP per side as that is far too few for the team with 2 players (they won't be able to duel at all). We decided to up the total to 20 a side (10 for each player on the same team).

What I am really concerned with is how to balance a 2 vs. 1 SAGS game. In the above scenario the team with 2 players gets 10 total activation tiles compared to the player by himself only getting 5. However, the player by himself still has an advantage with duels (his CP is pooled). Is this balanced? Should the teams not receive the same total CP? I dunno. If anyone has any thoughts on this please respond, my group would really prefer to play this way as opposed to the standard Free For all SAGS.
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