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Postby Caine » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:15 am

There are plenty of options to choose from, while setting up a game of ER. Here are some things I understood to be of importance. Would be great to get some more input, different points of view and the like.


The main factors here are the cost or earning for rooms. This depends mainly on how much the Room one Faction (like the morgue, which is great to create zombies) or enables certain Missions. So, I build it mainly purely out of intuition and how rooms should be arranged. So I would not put the torture chamber next to the kitchen. Furthermore there is to decide, how many outdoor fields are put into the game. The Mammoth moves most of the time outside, breaches walls and occasionally attacks people inside. In my games this was the case, at least. So, if you plan on bringing the mammoth, you should put some more outdoor tiles in play.
The placement of doors is another story. I managed to lock up one character of the Salemite-Faction once, because I placed the maglock-doors pretty ... stupid. So, you dont want to break in your own doors. Lately I realized the magnitude of the combined move order, to get those Salemites with Access-Cards to let the others (like Zombies) through those doors. Nevertheless, you dont want to block your own way. I leave most of the rooms without doors (to avoid running out of doors) and try to protect the critical places with maglock-cards (mostly that ones, which are potential targets of the NORADs).
The NORAD player on the other hand, tries to open up as much as possible. So it could be a good move, to place an outdoor tile on a building, to place some weak door, which needs no Card on a critical location.

I asked myself, why anyone would leave one of his team members at home. The answer depends on the Faction I guess.
I dont see any reason to leave firepower behind. Each Char means one piece of equipment in the beginning, more possiblities to spend CP, therefore more versatility and more firepower.
IF the Map consists of one big building complex only, then one could argue to leave the Mammoth out of game. But with its Firepower and the ability to convert walls to dust, it is quite useful, even in those environments.

They can easily get too much. I tried playing all of them, not considering, that you only get 5 Command Tiles. So, you start with 6 Chars, have 5 Command Tiles and then you can imagine how slow you game develops. You have to spend activation phases to draw new Tiles. Most of the times you cannot move all Chars, so dont even think about activating one a second time. And dont waste the slightest thought on creating zombies!
So whom to take?
I guell the Professor and Hollister are a must. The Professor can make new Zombies if in need and Hollister can convert MP in CP, which is amazingly useful, if you have to fight for interruptions.
But then it gets difficult.
You have to choose between Jack Saw, Deeler, Cherokee and Frank. The Traitors are quite good for their price, but come with a drawback, which can get extremely nasty if used smart by NORAD (turning Frank can put an end on Salemite Strategy quite fast).
I would take Deeler (because I like that sneaky little rat after he survived a couple of certain deaths last time) and then it depends on mood. Most of the time I like to get chances, so I would take one of the traitors. But, honestly, I never played Saw, so I think I will give him a chance, next time I play.

The restriction to get one piece of equipment per char is pretty hard. So, in most of the cases you would arm NORAD to the teeth, except the Mammoth, which could take a MedKit. I pretty much like the Rifle with Bayonet, because it has a nice firepower AND helps in Melee. So, you could charge an opponent, stab him and shoot with one Command Tile and would have a good chance to do some damage. But a strategic choice could be to take something, which backside is a potential Mission of the opponent or of yourself. In any case, it is important to look at BOTH sides of the Equipment Card you want to take. I had one game in which NORAD was searching like hell for an Item which turned out to be the backside of the medkit which never got used up. If you know that the backside is you mission, you can easiely get rid of that piece of equipment and get access with the next search order (flip deck).

With the Salemites you would choose mixture of defensive Equipment like Mines, some firepower and probably a little melee. Frank and the Flail is a good combo, if you are out capturing, for example. But, because you do not know you Missions yet... it would only be a guess.
I would try to get Hollister some major firepower (Heavy MG) and the Kevlar for the Professor or Saw (or Cherokee). Mines are also good for Cherokee (since he has this built-in Flamer). Deeler could use the Shotgun, but I put that on Frank last time, to give him some distance attack. But if you want to capture, give Frank Claws or Flail...

So far, this are my thoughts. Comments would be great, because my experience is limited to about three games ;)
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Re: Setup

Postby agony » Tue Jan 18, 2011 12:22 am

Jack Saw is great.

I would recommend taking all of the Salemite characters but the traitors. You may or may not take the traitors depending on how you feel at the time.

One thing I would do is deploy Jeff Deeler with all 3 zombies (Zombie 1/2 and Jack Saw) and use them all together as a wall of close combat death. Give Jack Saw Kevlar and give one of the Zombies the Claw. When the game starts hand the claw off to Jack Saw and he will own anyone he can get next to. Jeff will also give each of the other characters 2 bonus CP which is very useful.

I would probably keep all the rest of the Salemites together and use them for any searching Missions or Room centered Missions. Protect the Professor and ressurect a zombie as soon as you lose one. Make sure you deploy near objective tiles and try to earn those spy points from searching if possible.
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Re: Setup

Postby Caine » Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:57 am

I will give Jack a try the next time I play Salemites.
As far as I know, you cannot start with Zombies. You have to resurrect them while the game is running.
Furthermore I never realized that Deeler gives Jack a Bonus! That makes them a pretty good team, I guess...
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