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Teaching my Wife ER: Scenario #1 - The Tables Turned

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Teaching my Wife ER: Scenario #1 - The Tables Turned

Postby jholen » Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:28 am

Greetings! This is my second formal session report in a series that I've decided to pursue that focuses on teaching myself and my Wife Earth Reborn; Teaching my Wife ER (TMWER). I really enjoy the game, and am so thrilled that she has been willing to play with me. She is awesome! In my first session report which can be found Here my wife played as the Salemites and me as NORAD. Since that session report we've played two more games, again with the same setup. Her as Salemites and myself as NORAD. She won one, and I won the last one we played. The latest game we played, the tables turned with my wife playing as NORAD and myself taking a turn at the Salemites.


This is our fourth time playing Scenario #1, so I asked my wife if she needed a refresher on any of the rules to which she said, "Nope." We are using character screens to block tiles/cp, and play with full rules from the scenario. With no rules introduced or needing to be refreshed, lets get into the game!

The Tables Turned:

This all seemed familiar.. the same sights.. the same sounds.. a dull pounding coming from one of the officer's bedrooms. There was an air of tension about the compound - and Jeff Dealer found himself yet again troubled with his dietary constraints. He thought to himself that maybe he should try a lactose/dairy free diet, but then again this is the wasteland. Who could be picky about what they eat? Oh whatever, there are bigger things to worry about, such as the monsterous hormonal bundle of trouble known as Franck Einstein. The pounding on the door was getting steadily louder, which meant Jeff needed to get his business sorted out quick or he'd have bigger problems to worry about.

Meanwhile outside the compound the trio of Zombies took a break from working on cutting firewood to keep the compound warm. They too heard the pounding coming from inside the compound and decided to take a closer look. They of course turned to their trusted leader, Jack Saw, who was a very scary sight to be seen. Jack Saw grunted and moved towards the front door. In true Jack Saw fashion instead of waiting for Jeff to come unlock the front door he simply cut it down. Jeff would surely be miffed with his Zombie comrade but then again, who is going to argue with someone like Jack? Only one person came to mind, and that'd be the much more intelligent Franck.

At this point the door to the Officer's bedroom came flying off its hinges and Franck burst forth. He appeared to be in a hormone fueled rage - so caught up in the moment that he didn't even notice Jack standing near the entrance of the compound. He made a straight line towards the main corridor of the compound, pausing to contemplate which bedroom Jeff had placed his busty beauty. He made up his mind and moved towards the rearward most bedroom passing Jeff who had just emerged from the Reflectory most likley coming from the bathroom. Again, in his fueled rage he did not even glance at Jeff; afterall there were more important things at hand for the hormonal behemoth.

At this stage, the two other Zombies outside were debating what they were to do. The male, possibly the smarter of the two - though that is very questionable, decided to go around the outside of the compound to the rear rather than going through the front door. The female on the other hand decided to follow her fearless leader Jack Saw. Afterall, why not stick with Jack when someone such as Franck is in a furious rage. In this sense, she probably was smarter than her male counterpart, as they were really no match for someone as angry as Franck.

Meanwhile, as the Salemites were trying to figure out the best approach to containing the hormonal problem that was Franck he was already making short work of the rearward bedroom, ripping the door straight off the hinges on his first attempt! Low and behold, there awaited his busty beauty! Jeff cursed to himself, how had this hormonal mess discovered Vasquez on his first attempt. The mere thought of it made him so upset he almost had to turn around and go back to the restroom. Now what to do. The Salemites were not in a good situation. Jack Saw moved into the picture blocking the path from the rear of the compound to the central room in the compound, leaving only the rear door as a viable escape unless the traitors wanted to attempt to muscle through Jack, and muscle they would have to. The male zombie in all his glory had blocked the east edge of the compound, however the west side of the compound was open. Jeff realized this and made a quick dash to close the gap.

Sensing that a fight was emminent, Franck made a quick move to break down the rear door again succeeding in his first attempt. About the same time as he had completed this Jeff had made his way outside of the compound to the west edge of the building, however was winded and could not make it to the west wall completely, pausing to catch his breath. His assessment of the situation while not ideal, was fairly good. After all the distance from the rear bedroom to his position was a fair distance. To his dismay however Vasquez mustered all her endurance, which she had been apparently building up in her captivity, and made a dash for freedom. She ran out the newly created hole in the rear of the compound which only now resembled what used to be a door and moved to the west side of the building, right past the winded and helpess Jeff and moved towards freedom. The Salemites were left with their pants down, quite literally. Vasquez left all involved parties in the dust, and escaped to search for her fellow NORADs. NORAD Victory!


My wife guessed the correct bedroom on the first try! I knew that I could move Jeff dealer through the magnetic doors to the west side of the building, but didn't think I'd have to do so as fast as I needed to. This really screwed up my plans. I was literally one tile away from blocking her completely, but that was just enough for my wife to play a 5 order movement tile (2 movement + 3 movement) giving her a very impressive 30 tiles of movement. She had that big grin on her face when she played it, and even before moving Vasquez stated, "I just won" - haha! I was so happy, but not. My wife had clearly whooped my butt.

This all took place in a matter of 20 minutes, and after talking about it and other possibly strategies that I could have taken, we both agreed that we are ready for scenario #2. She has really taken to the game, and I'm so thankful. Thanks again Chris for developing such an awesome game. On a completely unrelated note, I got some clear varnish from the craft store and have sealed all cardboard tiles, resulting in better durability, and the tiles themselves have more clarity. I got the tip from someone on the Official ER forums. I'm also in the process of painting the miniatures - this game is just a blast. I'm looking forward to learning scenario #2 with my wife, and will continue this session report series.

To those worried about learning the game understand that my wife before me joining had really only played Settlers and a handful of other party games. Don't be scared away from this gem of a game simply because of the apparent complexity of rules - these scenarios are brilliant for learning the game, and offer continued strategy and depth the more times through. My wife and I could play through scenario #1 again and I'm sure we'd have different outcomes each game.

Thanks for reading,
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