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Rescue James Woo?

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Rescue James Woo?

Postby patton55 » Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:30 pm

I would like to hear how the Rescue James Woo scenerio went for other players out there. I found this one very difficult for the Salemite player. I really liked this scenerio but wow very tough for the Salemites to win.

First game we played, Jack Saw and Jeff D went in to get Woo but wasn't able to capture him until the end of the second round! Bad rolls on the Salemite part I guess. But it's not a given you can capture him on the first turn. Then as they struggled with that Mammoth and Vasquez came up and it became a bloody mess, with Jack Saw eventually going down two turns later along with Woo running off the board, sealing a NORAD victory.

Second game we played went better, Jack Saw nabbed Woo and then Jeff D took him and made it to the torture chamber on the first round and began torturing him BUT the torture rolls were not that great and three turns later Salemites had only 7 MP built and by then Mammoth and Vasquez were breaking down walls and Jeff and the professor were running down the corridor in retreat. In the end the professor and Dealer get gunned down and another victory for NORAD.

We are going to play this again, as the Salemite player is determined to win this.

Strategy wise, it's impossible to keep Franck away from Vasquez, since she can move so fast, and if you do keep him away, then he is doing nothing for you, and the NORAD player gets to use his special ability. You really have to win intiative so C. Bill doesn't hurt you too much. IT SEEMS TO me a Salemite strategy might be to drag James Woo off the board so that way the NORAD player can never get the 20MPs to win--but you would almost have to start doing this right away.

I would love to hear what others experienced with this scenerio.
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