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Nick Bolters soft spot

Tell us your best game stories, incredible situations, heroic feats, etc.

Nick Bolters soft spot

Postby Caine » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:55 am

This time merely one Scene than the whole game.
So far, NORAD was doing fine, destroying the Communication Room before its effects took place and harrassing the Salemites quite a lot. So Jack Saw, pimped with Kevlar Vest and sped up by the Zombie Control Device attacked Bolter, because one of the Salemites Mission was to end him. After a quite violent encounter between those two, Bolter was already flipped and had one Wound left. So he decided to make some distance. Unfortunately, he decided to depart past a vicious fight between Vasquez and Hollister. Remembering her main target, Hollister interrupted the fleeing Bolter and attacked him Point-Blank with a happy blast of her Shotgun. One excess CP went into damage (it was a 2 Shoot Order). But annoyingly her shot had no effect on Bolter. So he startet to laugh a deep rolling laugh. And then Hollister got another order from HQ, because she was allowed to have a second action while interrupting and there was a tiny Brawl 1 Order left. So threw one lonely dice and got a crit. With a nice, clean karate chop she ended the laughter, ended Bolter ... and later ended Vasquez, who hold the Wiring Plans (one of the NORAD Missions) ... one point for the salemites :twisted:
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