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[Answered] 2 player Scenario 4 /destroying the chemistry lab

[Answered] 2 player Scenario 4 /destroying the chemistry lab

Postby ansonbischoff » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:59 am

I've posted this question on the BGG forum and had mixed answers.

First off, I'm assuming that destroying the equipment in the chemistry lab nullifies the +2 science bonus.

As I understand it, ordinarily when you destroy a room's floor element it loses it's IPS power line. In the 4th scenario, the chemistry lab receives the additional IPS line of being able to refill the syringe (turn it on). If a Norad player destroys the chemistry lab's floor element, which of the following is true?

A. The Salemite player can still refill the syringe, but does not receive the +2 dice bonus to his science check.

B. The Salemite player can no longer refill the syringe, meaning that their only chance at victory is to protect the constitution and kill all Norad players.

Again, I'm looking for an official answer. On the BGG forum it started a debate of people who play one way or the other and ended with someone saying "house rule this however you choose".

Personally, I play that even with the equipment destroyed, the Salemite player still has the ability to search through the wreckage and find the vat of 'zombie juice'. Though I would like to know, (and play with) the actual rule.
Please help. And please don't give me an opinion. I want the OFFICIAL RULING.
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Re: [Chris] 2 player Scenario 4 (destroying the chemistry lab)

Postby Chris » Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:33 pm

Okay, I understand your point.
You are correct nothing is mentionned concerning this particular situation.
I would say the scenario is more balanced and has been designed so that you lose the +2 dice bonus from the lab, but you can still refill your seringe in there, finding some serum left in the chaos of the destroyed elements.
Otherwise I think it's becoming too difficult for the Salemites and too easy for the Norad.
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Re: [Chris] 2 player Scenario 4 (destroying the chemistry lab)

Postby ansonbischoff » Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:04 pm

Thanks Chris, this clears up the debate on BGG.
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Re: [Chris] 2 player Scenario 4 (destroying the chemistry lab)

Postby Parduz » Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:47 am

Chris wrote:Otherwise I think it's becoming too difficult for the Salemites and too easy for the Norad.

Just played this scenario yesterday night.... and me (Norad) and my friend (Salemites) both agreed that (if we're not missing something) it is really hard for the NORAD 'cause:
1) It's too difficult to open breach in the walls and NORAD needs to save the explosives for the vault in the center
2) 'cause of 1), the only entry point is that door on the opposite side of NORAD deployement
3) 'cause of 2), and depending on the orders you draw, the Salemite (being able to start in any interior square) can surely raise a zombie and plant a mine in front of that door. If he's lucky it may raise another zombie.
The result is that most often than not, the "real match" begins when NORAD is inside the house, with 1 or 2 zombies ready for the Salemites and a nearly died character for the NORAD ('cause the "mandatory" mine on the door).

We think that disabling the Chem Lab is then a key objective that can change the odds of victory for the NORAD, which are real thin at the beginning. Salemites should defend the lab with all their power while they still need to refill the serum, and then rush to raise the last zombie.

Why do you think that it will become too easy for the Norad? Seems to me that i'm missing some key element, then....
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