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[Chris] CP ALLOWANCE = BASE + BONUS only if scenario states?

[Chris] CP ALLOWANCE = BASE + BONUS only if scenario states?

Postby spokosin » Sun Aug 26, 2012 7:16 pm

ciao maestro...
please, I'd like to know, why is in the initiative phase the gaining of CPs defined as a separate issue of BASE CPs and then of BONUS CPs..
This is in relevance to the 'fact', that some tutorial scenarios do exactly state either BASE only (no bonus) or BASE+BONUS, it varies..
This is also kinda discrepancy in definitions of SAGS for 2p (with the bonuses) and SAGS 3/4P (no bonus defined).. Also, the last statement in the S6 says that THAT symbol (w/number) refers to BASE CPs (no BONUS mentioned there..)
My question is: does it mean that BASE CP allowance ALWAYS and in general means the value of BASE + BONUS or just BASE CPs without any BONUS -IF not mentioned explicitly?
many thanks!
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